Berok-en English Speech

What can you do when your good isn't good enough? And all that you touch tumbles down.
My best intention keep making a mess of things. Just wanna fix it somehow.

Well, life is getting messy currently. And the same questions again and again being my "head-cracker".
It's been a while I'm not talking bout gifts, mysteries, and secrets that only believers can hear it. That's it!
I'd lost my believers. I don't have any good and real friends at all. Man,  it's suck to be me right now.

Dear Allah, I need friends. Real friends. Talk about stuffs I like, being crazy, getting havoc, and fun stuffs.. Amin.

End of school, means end of friendship, and the beginning of new movie titled "Hey, I'm Fuckin Lonely-The Movie".
Everybody got new buddies. Dayymn. It turn to be kinda miserable.
I think I do change myself to a better one. Or maybe not. Maybe I'd turned to someone I'm not.

Man, where is friendship, and loyalty gone? They'd gone for vacation?OMK!. Howcome?
How many time will it take for me to get it right?

Thanks mom for the "Faizal Tahir shampoo" that you bought and forced me to use it (hopefully I'll be as famous as Faizal when I wake up tomorrow), plus "The Listener-season one" full episode DVD. The only story that can remind me "who I am".
Dear phone, please start vibrating!!