These Streetss

I patiently waited for something to replace my dark. I got out of my bed coz' I couldn’t sleep,I took my walk.
It’s beautiful moonlit road tonight,I’ve got no one here by my side.
I used to walk under these lights with you.
And even if you left a long time ago,I miss you so.

And it’s hard to tell,If you'll ever come again.And it’s hard to tell,If you felt this for someone else

I’ve always known I was never your muse. Never looked at me the way I look at you.
And you always say that you love me more, but you never show it to me before. I’ll always know I was never your muse.And it’s hard to tell,If you want to remember this.

It’s hard cos you don’t come around anymore.
I hope you find whatever is You’re looking for
I hope you miss the streets like I do coz' this is what the tale of me and you