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KUANTAN_ Here we go. An english post, in a strange way. The moment I'm writing this, I'm in a tragically confused heart-feeling. Neither happy, nor sad. Not even problematic, or amused. Bhaha. Saying craps.

We celebrated Syaril (Angah) birthday today with joy and fun. I just grabbed him two pieces of shirts for his present. Have an early dinner with family, and have a little walk at the icity-wannabe place- Taman Esplenet (Benteng).

I met couple of old-time best buddy. Okay, not really 'met'. Just made some 'eye connection' without realizing what we should say. Or honestly, neither of us wanna start the talk. Darn.
Yet, this is life. We wear mask every time, we change characters most of the time and we ask others to understand us without having any guts to start it first.

D'you ever realize that malay are so typical. They ask directly the thing on that time. Like "makan?" when they saw the person is 'makan-ing' (eating). And when the one who is "makan-ing" get pissed off, they'l answer like "Tak, tengah senam robik."
And... yeah. Human get pissed easily. Like thousands time more frequently than any cats around the world. And they'll repay the 'pissed off' things with another 'pissing-off' things. This is an endless 'pissing-baton' cycles.

Every human want peace. But they can't even stop fighting. Love can make us do greatest things. But it can also make us do the foolish stuffs. Yeah, it is one of the humans' biggest strength and weakness.
We actually have enough sex control. What we need now is "idiot control".   Think, and get a live.

p/s: sorry for the bloken english. bhaha

"saya berazam untuk lebih langsing" - Norayu Alia