Some said "once you hit puberty, you became a man." So not true. I hit those since 14 (or maybe earlier) and its been years and yet I'm still and surely am a boy. Its not that I had some funny syndrome problem inside my head, nerve, blood platelets or something that keeping me to still be a kid. (I'm not literally a kid. note this). Yeah, I am changing. But with those sort of guts and responsibility, I'm prefer to be considered as a boy.

Have you been in relationship before? There. Girls always annoyingly said you don't care about them, you don't spend time with them (eventho in the middle hourS of texting, they said that, crap), been asking you for treatsssssssssS those branded and expensive gifts to prove that you love her (even in the beginning she said she don't want anything but only you.) and yup, even she said most of the time, or about every night before you end the conversation before bed, that she's yours forever, but the fact is that she want to make your soul as hers. Well there is time that girl who ask intimacy, not a lie. When you're in the moment of just getting puberty, believe or not you felt in love just because of the look and "that" reasons. Well, that's why human created masturbation, to protect their virginity. (ok, its a lie. just don't do it)

Its NOT about girls, but the responsibility that burdened to the men. Thats being a man is all about. To be a ritual sacrifice to girls and women. To guide the women or girls, whatever, I'm getting confused here. Yup, to guide them to do good deeds and to be near to the Only Creator. Willingly to take any responsibility without saying it loud. You can say that men are alive for women. See, men created money to be spent for women (ok, this part just bumped into my mind. not a fact).

One day, I'll be sleeping with a girl (after I married of course). Maybe thats the moment I'll be considering myself as a man. Or when I propose someone, I don't know. Its like seven, or ten years to go. Let just put that aside. Its hard to be a men. Note that. Just focus on my monday. ehem.

Maaf zahir batin. Salam merdeka. Sohrie lah pasai bahasa omputih yang tercarut. Saya budak bahasa Melayu. ehem. Irritating betol gamba tu. Sila jangan marah.