Misteri Meja Bergerak.

Yes. I'm the guy (in this case, your 'friend') that magically appear like five to ten seconds on your home-screen recently. Whats the big deal man?

It's a 'celebrity-bajet' week. Shooting drama for assignment, and it went well (hope so). Amateur drama of course. Lots of weakness. But yet, its fun.
I'm going to share some photos of those moments, but yet, it's too early to spoil the view.

I tried using ask.fm for like a week, and personally I thought it was nonsense. Questions were like "do I need to answer this kind of shits and stuffs". Most of them were not really a questions. Like "why are you so cute" (example for display only). Is it really need any answer?

And congrats to yuna for made it to AJL.
And here come more stuffs that need to be done.