Shah Alam Aku Datang

It’s a damn busy week. Doing works, being in the middle of assignments invasion, and in the mean time, lots of peer pressure, something like that. And still, I’m wondering, why people keep complaining about something unneeded to be complaining of. Just simply enjoy your weird life, or just simply die. You’re not the only living being on earth, bitch.

In somehow, I’m tired being person not to be chosen. People keep choosing someone better to be their best-something. People better like someone who has better look, better skills, better popularity status, or even better spendings.  Yup, they never felt how it takes being number2 of everything. They just simply ignore, because they never realize.

Maybe someday, the day when it’s too lame to realize, they will realize. But those days gonna be the day when “realize” being so yesterdays, and them just realize they’d late for these days.

Well, it’s never too late, until it’s too late.
UiTM mock trial is something in the middle of good and bad. It’s fine eventually. In the mean time, Istanbul aku datang is stupendous!

That’s all. Xoxo. _ “publish”