so ask me maybe?

Do you believe in magical butterflies?
It's real though, for those who lived in Bota. A place where Narnia is nothing (in the term of magical stuffs) compared to this place of misfit butterflies. (This statement referred to Kimi only)

Do you know how to grow strawberry and grapes behind your house?
Here are the magical tips. For strawberry, you just need to bury some ices, and the plants will just grow. (budak control macho, 2012).
For grapes, just simply throw the seeds anywhere you like it, and it'll magically grow. (segamatgirl, 2012)

Need some cash?
Just bury your tooth beside any tree and in some gap of time, you'll get 50 cents. (Narnia villagers, 2012)

We live in such a magical world. 
Well, imagination is precious than knowledge. Don't stop believe in fairies. ‘Cause if you do, you might cause Peter Pan to lose his fairies friends. 

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Bota: smiley guy in the picture named Kimi