"Find your light. Don't hide from what you are. And rise before you fall. And hope for something more. Live if you really want to." (Yuna Zarai, 2012)

"Life" is a mysterious stuff to deal with. Some parts changed, while others will still remain the same. But those remaining are not permanent. It will some day thorn, been forgotten, or simply lost.

People grow up. They change. And so do I. 
It's a process happened to every single human (if and only if they reached certain age alive) where something in you will change, and some excitement part in you will fade, and turn to be REAL boring. 

Somehow, somewhere inside me, am refusing to grow up.
But look around. Everyone is tied with challenging routine and fast-going developing surrounding. They're forced to struggle to be the best, even before puberty. In the other words, they're growing up so fast.

I still want to dream. So, let me sleep.