Bukan Cerita Kau...

At first, I thought relationship was confusing. Sometimes it’s beautiful, sometimes everything was like, unsure. That unsure was the thing that killed me. I might’ve die if the one that I love was in silent, left me stuck, hangin alone without any answer but puzzled with assumptions.
I dumped all girls that were I in relationship with. Except this one girl, who asked me to let go, and promised everything will be just fine. I played my part. Maybe that’s the part I showed how I love. By let it go.
I did let it go without a single hesitation, as I’ve lost too many things days before it happened, and I had no tears left for it.

As time passed, I did moved on. It was the only relationship that I never gave myself to be hold, hugged, or anything else. Yet, the only one I cherish till this moment. Or maybe forever.

Then I changed my thought. It wasn’t relationship that confusing me. It was people.
People do confuse me.

That’s when I realized that I have trust problem.
I can’t live a single day without having assumptions, that this one will back-stabbed me, this one will betrayed me, and this one will left me.
I can’t live without having solid answer from the one that I care, either that that person also care about me, or its just me alone all the time. And it kills by keep assuming that the person might’ve feel those for someone else.

Or maybe I’m just being exaggerating, and over think.
Maybe everything is just fine.
I don’t know.

Or maybe that the only thing that confusing here is me?