Of Starbucks and Chempedak Goreng

I bought some cempedak goreng at the pasar malam seksyen 7 on Wednesday.  2 ringgit for 3 ketul. Then I said to Amin, "This cempedak goreng should be on Starbucks' menu." Sebab mahal.

Then teringat mak. She tended to buy the kuih yang 4 seringgit, rather than 5 seringgit.
I asked her once, apasal beli yang lagi sikit, and she answered, "keluarga kita tak ramai, beli yang sikit. Kalau banyak, nanti tak habis."
I think I get her point, by the way.

Does Starbucks really mahal, actually?
I don't know. I do lepak at Starbucks very often. I like the frep, not to mention the environment. Not the food, biasa-biasa je.
But then people were like "woo, lepak Starbucks! Banyak duit." and whatsoever.
Dah kenapa budak2 ni? I'm not going there every day. And neither mak nor ayah will give me money for that. I use my own money la.

The thing is, the perception.
Lepak starbucks = loaded.
Yo, everyone can lepak there eventho u have less money. It costs you less then 20 ringgit je utk sekali lepak.
U can buy converse, and all that luxurious stuffs, but why complaining on how mahal starbucks cost?
Do you know it costs you about sepuluh ringgit for a mineral water at France?
Then, think. Haha.

(Post ini tiada niat untuk promosi starbucks
atau beritahu bertapa seronoknya lepak di starbucks
dan aku tak dibayar untuk tu. Tq)