To be told

Everything has changed.
I was a boy yang obsessed dengan Under 18 comics back then. Lima tahun lepas, lebih kurang.
Harini aku dah ada buku sendiri.
Aku sedar apa tu proses hidup. How dreams are actually applicable in our life. (Dream ni yang impian tau, bukan yg mimpi tu.)
Bila kita start tadika smpai upsr, kita belajar what is actually thing that called as dream. Then we learnt how to grow up by being teenage high schoolers, and we learnt what is actually OUR dream, what do we want in our life.
At my point of age currently, 22, or soon, we  have to have the urge to get what we dreamed before. I am now, on my feet to get those, even though I have no idea what the hell were actually my dreams.

We strive and we change. When you're 22, don't go all way boyfriends drama like Taylor Swift does.
But look back on what you've learnt.
I learnt a lot. People judge me. Let them be.
I am made of all the things that I love.
Semester lima, siap kau!