True La

Don't be surprise. There is time where I'll be on my own, unspoken to anyone.
Cause I think that's better then asking for sorries, or create dramas.

I don't know how this works for you, but sometimes I get so upset with certain people. It's like, they know me for months or years, but they can come out with a conclusion that I am bossy, or mr-all-perfect, or bad-ass  or something bad SUDDENTLY.
Damn. What happened that made you didn't realize my so-called dark sides months or years before?

I'm not a back-talker nor telling people about other people's bad side, unless it was started first or I can't hold up my grunge any longer. That's how I find out that silence is the best way.

How come a friend is actually a friend if they're being judging you, telling someone else about your bad-sides without try to help you or even tell you first, or being too sensitive about your words?

That's not a friend I'm looking for, buddy.