Here I am, back on blogger.com.
I used to be here whenever I had stormy weathers in life. I was gone because I think, I've met some people that can be my umbrellas. But who knows, umbrellas aren't too strong to stay functional. They go break when the storm was too strong. And they gone.

There was time when everything just fucked up, and you had lost your reason to smile and felt like it won't coming back.
There were nights when you just tumble, and lost. And you wish you was never being nice to certain people. Never being stupid to make them happy. Never showed your weakness and told your secrets..
And people keep put the blame on you. Because they outnumbered you. 
Because they have someone who supports them to put you down.
There were days when people told you that you're his friend, but they're the one who told people your mistakes.

You know what?
Fuck them. It's you alone who's gonna pick up your broken pieces and keep strong for yourself.
They can be a group of friends, or maybe a school, or a community who once believed in you, but they can hate you for one single mistake that they refuse to tell you.

Yunus a.s. was once imprisoned for something he didn't do. 
Even Rasulullah saw. was hated. 
So what makes you think you, as a sinful human can escape this world without any trials?

Be strong. That's the only choice you have.