Of Penang and that Island

Penang is a beautiful place. I personally like Georgetown (except for the narrow and confusing roads. Kitorang banyak sesat kot. Trajis). The buildings made me feel like I was at the early 80s, or something. I don't know, I just feeling like, early Malaysia. Time-time baru lepas merdeka..Something like that la.

I've learnt a lot of stuffs at Penang though. Black people are not Indian. Some of them are Malays. And they find out that selling "Love in Penang" (Fixi's short stories) is so cheesy and cheap to tackle buyers here. People are black (mamak) and yellow (chinese) at almost everywhere when I was here at the first hour, so I thought that I was so different - an alient - kim soo hyun.

I've also learnt that, it is hard to be a minority. Mana tak nya, merata kedai makan cina. We thought this one warong was kedai satay. Tapi, tulisan cina. Kedai melayu tersorok, mcm cari kedai dlm game running man gitu, baru jumpa.
Semua orang got their Penang loghat. Even in USM which I thought that, it is an international one and people speak different loghat. But I was wrong.

Tak lupa juga bila time beli aiskrim kat jual-jual time graduasi USM tu, ada abang tu jual aiskrim cakap "ingat aiskrim, ingatlah kami". Shit. Now everytime I'm having icecream, I think of him. Even McD punya aiskrim pun dah tak lalu nak telan. #mudahTerpengaruh

Apapepun, Penang is fine.