Hati Perempuan Je Memanjang

Seorang Nasut menenangkan seorang Syafiq Aizat

Biasa kan dengar perempuan duk canang "bila pompuan cakap 'OK fine' tu maknanya kau kena cek balik conversation lepas dan cari apa salah kau."?
Tapi the thing is, kalau kau nak orang faham kau, go explain and tell. Don't go double meaning and expect people to understand you. You are not that special tau tak?
But don't care how much perempuan love to act mysterious ways, they love guys who post stuffs like "hati perempuan ni lemah dan air mata akan mengalir...." And all of that craps.
Seriously, they love that guy because first, yes, he is so bajet to know perempuan. But don't forget, they love that guy because he is a good lookin guy. Kalau lelaki tu hitam, gemok, bibir tebal tak kisah la post apa pun pasal memahami perempuan, dia akan kena cop pevert.

Sebabkan dunia terlalu sibuk faham pasan kemisterian perempuan, korang ingat lelaki tak ada cara dia tersendiri ke?
Ni bukannya semua, tapi mostly (or maybe some of us, idk)
We tease people. Get that. "Fuck", "kimak", "babi" is our ways to show people we care about them and practically selesa bercakap dengan orang tu (especially dengan member). It's like "awak cantik", "eh taklah awak lagi cantik" for perempuan. So kalau perempuan rasa annoying lelaki mencarut, korang ingat kitorang tak annoying dengar korang hipokrit puji orang? Fair enough kn?

Believe me, guys who often tell you about how much he "loves you", or puji about you appearance, he don't actually means that. He just wants to have you attention. When he find someone better or prettier, kau ingat dia pandang kau?
I personally believe that the guy who tell about how ugly you are or how awful you are but still gives you attention is the true lover though. Let your man tease you, and just merajuk-merajuk manja. That's fine. Jangan simpan dalam hati and act like "ok fine". Crap. I called my sister 'raksasa' but I love her af.
Don't simply believe in words and compliment and then bila kena tipu, you go and claim that 'semua lelaki sama'.
You chose to be stupid at the first place though.

Kesimpulannya, always have these in your mind:
"No, you're not THAT special to have attention and all that. And you don't have to be someone that society created. Just because they said perempuan ni selalu double meaning, tak bermakna kau kena jadi double meaning. Fuck those bitches and be positive and think correctly before you act."

That's it. Maaf zahir batin and selamat hari raya.